Engineering is a vital discipline in today’s knowledge society due to its role in innovating novel technologies to address challenging problems through creative utilization of scientific knowledge. Therefore, educating the next generation of competent and creative engineers is a critical concern for higher education institutions. In a highly globalized knowledge economy and increasingly internationalized educational landscape, comparative evaluations of engineering programs have become a necessity for multiple stakeholders in engineering practice, including businesses, researchers, educators, policy makers, administrators and most importantly students and their families.

In an effort to cater to these needs, the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence have established the IREG Engineering Ranking Group chaired by Waldemar Siwinski, Vice President of IREG Observatory and commissioned Perspektywy Education Foundation to organize a series of seminars bringing together key stakeholders in this domain (academia, professional associations and the industry) to discuss and identify methods to inform comparative analysis of engineering programs at national, regional and global levels.

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